Founded in 1913 our company is now led by the fourth generation of the family. The second generation died in the war and the third generation started a new in 1963 with the original trade in Fishoils, animal and vegetable oils and derivatives. In 1975 a new section for corrosion control was founded and in 1982 established within a new and separate Company which remained so until the present day.

The section corrosion control began with the distributorship for Eureka Chemical Company and their product range under the name FLUID FILM, which has meanwhile become the best known soft coating on basis of woolwax. World-wide accepted as economic, environmentally friendlier, because solventfree, effective, tested and proven on millions of m² in ballastwatertanks and meanwhile also in numerous other applications. There are many enthusiastic users in industry, aviation, amongst friends of old cars, pleasure boats, members of the German society of Chronometrie, and numerous others, also the military services and even the spacetechnology.

In the year 2000 we have started a new product named PERMA FILM which is a hardening anticorrosive coating for repairs and renewals of coatings of poor quality in ballast water tanks of vessels offering an economic and efficient alternative resulting in various applications as described in the following product information.